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Your Markets, our solutions

At Fives, we develop quality, time-tested solutions to support our clients’ businesses. Our experts begin by learning about your processes to determine how best to achieve both economic and ergonomic results that improve worker conditions and environmental impact.

Parcel and Postal

Fives, through its Smart Automation Solutions Division, boasts 40 years of experience in parcel logistics. Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of all parcel and postal facilities, from local depots to large airport hubs.

We propose specific solutions in all key logistics processes, including:

  • ULD handling
  • Parcel offloading
  • Debagging and manual loading
  • Check Weight and Cube (CWC)
  • Conveying
  • Singulation
  • Sorting
  • Security screening
  • Manual reworking
  • Customs clearance
  • Reloading

We select the most suitable solution for each process stage from a wide range of proprietary technologies.

Parcel DistributionSmall parcel distributionIrregular distributionAir gateway process


We serve the airport sector with unique baggage handling solutions. With our clients, we develop systems and technologies that streamline check-in, flight departure preparations and baggage collection on arrival.

Fives offers particular added value in IATA Standard 3 security procedure handling (HBS). We also bring our expertise to specific tracking and storage procedures to manage baggage in transit or for those pieces that have been accepted prior to flight opening (EBS).

Baggage Handling


The e-commerce sector is rapidly developing and will play an increasingly significant role in retail distribution as consumer purchasing habits transition to online methods.

Fives is backed by proven expertise in the home deliveries sector based on decades of postal sector experience. Today, we are the select partner of major e-commerce operators worldwide. Our solutions cover e-commerce processes such as:

  • Pallet picking and loading
  • Conveying and singulating
  • Controlling material flow
  • CWC
  • Automated sorting
  • Manual reworking
  • Packing and reload

Distribution processLast mile delivery

Retail & Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Fives has experience dating back decades in the retail and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. Our distribution chain expertise begins with managing ultra-fresh products (e.g., meat and fish) with processing technologies and tracking systems. We also provide end-to-end distribution logistics for packaged foods.

For fresh products, we aim to maximize transit speed from distribution center to store.

The goal for longer shelf-life products is to optimize the in-store distribution process to enable rapid and punctual supply. Robotic solutions help reduce labor requirements for heavy lifting.

Fresh and Ultrafresh FoodFresh Food DistributionOrder Picking Robotics

Manufacturing and Assembly

Our manufacturing and assembly offer includes a range of flexible, modular and future-proof solutions.

We supply auto manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers with solutions covering propulsion component assembly to heavy conveyance in assembly. Automated electric motor and battery assembly solutions meet the needs of the e-mobility sector.

In addition, we supply material handling solutions such as robotic sorting and storage to the furniture industry, in particular for the production of custom-made kitchens.

Assembly Solutions Robotic Handling Wood Panel and Furniture Solutions Conveying solutions for assembly lines