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Material Flow Controller (MFC)

Companies are turning increasingly towards automation to speed up their distribution processes. Our MFCs coordinate materials via an automated material handling system to maximize throughput performance.

Key features

Perfect material flows for automated warehouses

Our MFC software is designed to streamline and monitor material flows within fully or nearly fully automated warehouses and distribution centers. It offers a high degree of flexibility to control components such as conveyor systems, sorters, robotic solutions, shuttle systems and lifts – even from diverse manufacturers. Visualization and route optimization techniques are used to map out all storage areas for optimal order execution.

MFCs integrate seamlessly within facility logistics processes, whether set up independently or as part of an existing WMS. The software offers complete oversight at all times to facilitate user interventions as needed.

Enhanced performance with data visualization

Our MFC provides a high level of process data to help our clients better understand their machines and systems. Advanced data visualization capabilities enable users to quickly get access to system status and throughput performance. This may include number of pallets, orders or dual cycles the system has handled within a given period.

In addition to helping users quickly resolve any problems, historical throughput data enables immediate and ongoing adjustments to be made to improve performance and speed up processes.

Customized solutions and customer support

Fives is recognized as a leading provider of breakthrough intralogistics solutions designed to maximize operational performance.

Our MFC solutions build on more than two decades of experience in developing software to manage automated and mechanized systems. We work closely with our customers to develop MFC softwares that meet their unique requirements, and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and high throughput.

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