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In a world in which the speed and scale of change are unprecedented, there are some types of job people dream of, jobs which offer a secure career and incredible opportunities for the future. Fives has many of these jobs, drawing on a huge range of projects, job lines and experiences.


Fives is searching for new talent in 5 families of jobs: JOIN US



Our sales teams identify new markets, analyze the evolution of customer needs, develop offers, build and conduct negotiations.

Jobs include:  Engineer,Technical Sales Engineer, Business-development Engineer, Key-account Manager and Marketing Manager



Our design departments include many specialties, related to the technical definition and the elaboration of the documents necessary for the realization of a project: software development, robotics, mechanics, civil engineering, equipment, instrumentation, automation, electricity etc.


As a design manager at Fives, you may have to lead multidisciplinary and often multicultural teams, in the context of complex projects.

Jobs include: Designer, Design Coordinator, Consulting Engineer, Design Engineer, Structural Engineer and Documentation Technician 

start-up and on-site


In daily contact with customers, sites teams are in charge of the assembly and start-up of a turnkey equipment or plant, very often internationally. 
In this capacity, your role is to coordinate the on-site intervention of partners, suppliers and subcontractors. You will guarantee compliance with contractual specifications, costs, deadlines and health and safety rules. After the construction of the installation, you ensure its commissioning.  


Jobs include: Site Manager, Construction Manager, Site Engineer, Start-up Engineer, Start-up Technician, Site Foreman, Works Foreman, Assembly Technician/Supervisor, Workshop Foreman, Welder, Fitter and Pipe Fitter

Estimating engineering


Preliminary-design teams design global solutions (technical choices, sizing and processes, drafting of technical specifications) and budget projections for the design and installation of equipment, lines and turnkey industrial sites.

Jobs include: Technician and Costing Engineer, Preliminary-design Engineer





As a project manager, you are in charge of the entire relationship with the customer. It is your responsibility to ensure the good contractual and financial realization of the projects. 

You will coordinate the activities of the various departments in order to ensure the execution of the deliveries and services provided for in the order. 


Jobs include: Project Manager, Business or Production Engineer, Business Manager, Planning Manager


The success of the Fives group is rooted in the diversity of talent and backgrounds in its teams, for the benefit of the entire industrial engineering sector. At Fives, everyone has a shared objective: “Faire aimer l’industrie”.