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In a world in which the speed and scale of change are unprecedented, there are some types of job people dream of, jobs which offer a secure career and incredible opportunities for the future. Fives has many of these jobs, drawing on a huge range of projects, job lines and experiences.


Fives is searching for new talent in five families of jobs: JOIN US



Working in close collaboration with the technical and preliminary-design departments, the sales teams identify new markets, analyze changing customer needs and draw up offers for equipment and turnkey workshops.Their work involves negotiations encompassing technical, financial and contract-related aspects of projects.


Jobs include: Sales Engineer, Business-development Engineer, Key-account Manager and Marketing Manager


Our design departments bring together a wide range of mechanical and civil-engineering know-how, as well as expertise in areas such as software development, robotics, instrumentation, automation, electricity, etc. Depending on their degrees of competence, engineers or technicians can be given responsibility for defining technical requirements and drafting documents (plans, equipment lists, specifications, instructions, etc.) required for project implementation. For complex projects, the design manager has to lead multidisciplinary – and often multicultural – teams. He may also be required to supervise outsourced design work.

Jobs include: Designer, Design Coordinator, Consulting Engineer, Design Engineer, Structural Engineer and Documentation Technician

start-up and on-site


The sites teams, who are in constant contact with our customers, are responsible for the supervision of assembly and start-up of equipment and turnkey plants, very often outside of France. They coordinate the on-site work of partners, suppliers and subcontractors, and ensure compliance with the agreed specifications, costs, lead-times and health & safety rules.

Once a facility has been completed, the site teams look after the start-up phase. In certain cases, the site phase is preceded by a preparatory workshop phase.


Jobs include: Site Manager, Construction Manager, Site Engineer, Start-up Engineer, Start-up Technician, Site Foreman, Works Foreman, Assembly Technician/Supervisor, Workshop Foreman, Welder, Fitter and Pipe Fitter

Estimating engineering


Working in close collaboration with the sales department, and taking care to consult all of the company's departments – and notably the purchasing and design departments – the preliminary-design teams define technical solutions and prepare budgetary projections for the preliminary design of equipment and turnkey workshops. Their work involves making technical choices, coming to decisions concerning sizing and processes, drawing up technical specifications and calculating costs.


Jobs include: Costing Technician, Costing Engineer and Preliminary-design Engineer



The project manager, who is the customer's main contact person, manages his particular projects from the beginning to the end, thereby ensuring that contracts are honoured and that projects are completed within budget.

He coordinates the work of the departments involved, ensuring that deliveries and services comply with the relevant technical specifications and lead-time constraints.



Jobs include: Project Manager, Project or Implementation Engineer, and Planning Manager

Fives Innovation Awards
giving everyone the chance to be a pioneer


Since 2011, Fives has held an annual internal innovation contest designed to turn the spotlight on projects put forward by employees (not initiated by the Group) of any subsidiary or business line, on an individual or group basis.




The success of the Fives group is rooted in the diversity of talent and backgrounds in its teams, for the benefit of the entire industrial engineering sector. At Fives, everyone has a shared objective: “Faire aimer l’industrie”.