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Software products & services

Software Products developed by Fives DyAG

TruIVS – Intelligent Vision System 

Decreases the complexity, the cost and provides a flexible range of camera choices when determining your vision solution. You are not limited by the standard vision tools, edge, blob, model, OCR, barcode and more…but add the Machine Learning engine to address inspections not possible with standard tools.


TruACRS – Automated Capture Retrieval and Storage

A complete image management system designed to provide our customers with capture, retrieval, and storage capabilities. Capture image files from devices such as vision cameras, PCs and PLCs, as well as non-traditional devices such as tablets and smartphones. A dashboard provides a quick status of trends and overall system conditions. 


TruTraxx – Location Position System 

TruTraxx®  system offers a complete solution to locate, validate and error-proof your manufacturing processes with flexibility and ease of use. Supports industry standard “Open Protocol” for tool control integrated within all the major brands allowing our customers to save cost by protecting their existing DC tool investment. Both encoder-based torque arms and the ultimate in freedom either our tethered or wireless system.


TopScout – On-Demand Engineering 

TopScout’s manpower app for Android or iOS provides access to degreed, field-tested, and highly qualified engineers from a cross section of disciplines.  You can search or request engineers specializing in PLC controls, robotics, machine vision…etc., while you peruse our software solutions for industrial automation markets. Whether by skill set, location or project timelines you get access to a list of engineers ready to help augment or manage your next project!  With search capabilities available on both the desktop and mobile app, TopScout makes securing highly-skilled engineers quick and effortless!

DyAG Engineers Just One Click Away (


Heat Treat and Forging Solution Level 2

In collaboration with North American Combustion, our sister company,  Fives DyAG’s offers a Level 2 Heat Treat, Forging and Scheduling system.  Designed to communicate with all Level I devices such as Industrial furnaces, Quench tanks (oil and water), overhead manipulator(s), storage management system, load and unload stations as well data collection and storage. The Level II control system manages incoming recipes from scheduling to control of all Level I devices and directs the actions of the cell. Level II manages the complete operation and, as such, is responsible for coordination and optimization if required.  Temperature data is collected as material is processed through the various level 1 devices, stored to a SQL backend for later review and validation.  Level II is also responsible for managing device maintenance schedules, TC swaps, exclusion periods and cell safety entry.

Custom Software Solutions by Fives DyAG

Fives has been providing solutions to business and industry and is a leading integrator of data collection and error proofing systems in North America.

Our solutions take advantage of many years of implementation experience, PLC, robotics manufacturing and best practices.  With the ability to integrate and interface with many varied systems, MES, Discreet I/O, PLC’s, Robots, Motors, OPC we can provide opportunities to design, test and implement a solution that is right for you.

Our team of system programmers and experience give us resources to develop web and PC  based solutions integrating, relational database technologies, MVC, OPC, hardware communications, in addition, we utilize our extensive library of software modules which allows us to customize a system which meets your requirements.

Our team of software engineers are prepared to offer the solution that fits for you.

Contact us today to schedule a time to discuss your needs.

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