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Assembly Solutions

Fives designs standard modular assembly cells and complex assembly lines for conventional and green powertrains, drive systems, and for e-mobility. Our experts work with clients to enhance flexibility and efficiency at every project stage, paying close attention to cycle time, cost and sustainability.

Robotic solutions for parts loading

Our high-performance robotic parts loading systems offer unparalleled reliability and flexibility. These systems streamline operations by reducing repetitive tasks. Our in-house 2.5D and 3D vision systems enable bulk and semi-bulk loading from boxes onto conveyors. Fives’ loading systems are designed to achieve optimal cycle time, accuracy, volume and cost.


Input conveyor system

Fives designs input roller conveyor systems for loads ranging from 2 kg to 400 kg. These activated roller belts can quickly and easily be integrated into any layout. They are flexible and modular to meet industry requirements such as e-mobility components assembly within the automotive industry. These input roller conveyors are extremely reliable, offering a long service life with minimal maintenance and energy requirements.


Automated picking robotic solutions

An automated picking robotic cell processes incoming parts from an input conveyor, then places them into a quiet, vibration-free steep feeder conveyor or blowing station. The picking cell can include a parts identification component as part of the vision system.


Manual assembly stations

We design and manufacture standard and custom-made manual assembly stations that are fully adaptable to our clients’ assembly needs. Key features include simple tools, state-of-the-art ergonomics, and greatly reduced operation times.


Automatic insertion station

Our automatic hydraulic, electro-pneumatic and electric insertion stations feature an insertion force ranging from 100 kg to 100 T. Fully adaptable to customer needs, our insertion stations are designed for maximum accuracy, repeatability and flexibility. The insertion station includes process control systems and is capable of measuring both insertion effort and locus of movement.


Electronic components welding

Fives developed a hot iron soldering solution designed for electronic component pins and through-hole technology connectors within e-mobility assembly. Our soldering technology is highly flexible and low cost, offering exceptional reliability and repeatability.


Screwing robotic solutions

Fives has designed a fully automated screwing robotic cell. A screwdriver embedded onto the robot replaces manual screwing during the assembly process. The robot performs high-speed screw supply automatically. It travels along an optimized path for greater productivity while maintaining accuracy in operations.


Gluing robotic solutions

We leverage the latest adhesive technologies to offer advanced robotic gluing solutions. Gluing any kind of material during assembly and fastening is rendered simple and cost-effective. Robotization improves precision while controlling bead cross-sections. This leads to greater profitability by reducing adhesive consumption and boosting productivity.


Laser welding robotic solutions

Our robotic laser welding solutions are ideal during the assembly process in a dynamic production setting. Fives’ robotic laser welding cell makes it possible to create deep, clean welds with incredible precision. The solution uses much less energy and materials compared to traditional welding methods. 


Sealing robotic solutions

Fives offers robotic cells capable of performing various sealing processes during assembly. Our robotic sealing solutions monitor operations to ensure they meet industry requirements for accuracy, repeatability, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Inspection station solutions

Fives’ automated in-process inspection stations ensure proper component conformity and identification. Inspection processes include measuring and verifying shape, dimensions, torque, and component presence or absence, as well as testing and traceability. Our inspection stations offer real-time reporting on production yields via online reports and dashboards.


Parts unloading systems

Our robotic parts unloading systems are fully autonomous, high performance and flexible, greatly reducing repetitive task requirements. The system is composed of a robot and gripper that interact with accumulation conveyors and an unloaded parts container.


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