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Fives is constantly innovating to enhance our products and services. To ensure our clients benefit from all our latest technologies and newest features, we provide upgrade support throughout the facility lifecycle. We upgrade systems and software to increase throughput and capacity, and replace worn-out components.

Key features

Adapting installations as needs evolve

We work closely with our clients to make sure we understand their needs and can meet them fully. We are committed to helping clients overcome challenges as they evolve and emerge throughout the lifecycle of their facility. To this end, we provide a wide range of services aimed at helping clients identify upgrade needs and implement necessary changes. Our services include predictive maintenance and diagnostics, which covers performance measurement, report production and training. We also manage retrofits – including system extensions and software and technical upgrades, and spare parts stock.

Retrofit to see improvement

Retrofitting is a cross-functional service that is available for all system components. It includes software updates and engineering solutions for system upgrades and modifications. Judicious and timely use of this service can result in significant mechanical improvements.

Fives offers two types of retrofit contract. The first is a bespoke solution designed to meet a client’s specific needs. Alternatively, we offer global consulting contracts through which the client subscribes to a service providing continuous updates for the technological components of their system.

Spare parts management

Our experienced and expert technicians are always available to clients for consultations regarding replacement parts. Throughout the system lifecycle, our teams can offer advice on what to replace and when, helping clients avoid breakages, unscheduled downtime, and unnecessary costs.

In addition, we offer services designed to optimize client stocks of spare parts through yearly inventory planning and obsolescence identification. We leverage big data capabilities to ensure clients always have an on-time supply of the replacement parts they require – from both Fives’ Smart Automation Solutions Division and other manufacturers.

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