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SU® Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The MES package of our SU® software allows you to control, monitor, and automate your production and react instantly in case of supply drift or quality issues.

Key features


SU® MES software allows you to mass and distribute your production according to your constraints (resources, equipment, process) to optimize manufacturing flows, reduce inventories and time to launch new products.

SU® MES integrates an OEE module and dashboards that provide you with information on production status and performance. The data collected allows you to decide on the improvements to be implemented on the processes and the equipment.

Key benefits SU® MES include:

  • Real time operation monitoring
  • Acceleration and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs through optimal management of resources, machines and materials
  • Fast processing of stops and breakdowns
  • Monitoring of raw material utilization
  • Immediate & reliable communication with existing information systems


  • Scheduling / launching: Management of production orders, work organization, process management, modeling of workshops, lines, items, materials, stocks, flows and operating modes
  • Execution / data collection: Control and monitoring of production, line operations, management of industrial equipment, data collection and acquisition (manual or automatic), real-time operations monitoring, documentation management
  • Monitoring: Analysis and diagnosis, quality control, traceability of inbound and outbound products, predefined reports and dashboards

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