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Irregular Distribution

Looking to handle oddly shaped material? Or maybe packages that are unusually big, small, heavy or light? Products that do not conform to standard sizes, shapes and weights are often considered non-conveyable or difficult to handle as they are incompatible with conventional material handling systems. Packages that stand out from the crowd usually require special manual working areas, which entail extra costs. Fives offers integrated solutions to automate the handling and sorting of irregular items, reducing operational costs and lead times.


Items are unloaded from a truck and transferred to the infeed of the automated sortation system.


Check Weight and Cube (CWC)

During infeed, item labels are scanned, while check weight and cube (CWC) devices capture the weight, length, width and height of products to ensure packaging sizes are accurate.



The smartest automation solution for handling oversized and overweight packages is our linear sorter conveyor. Materials are loaded onto the modular conveyor, and each package is diverted to the assigned output conveyor automatically. The exit conveyor then takes all packages with the same destination to the next processing point.

Oddly-shaped packages that are particularly small or lightweight are very difficult to handle. For these items, Fives has developed a revolutionary sorter that uses specially designed autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) equipped with cross belts. Items are loaded onto the cross belts either manually or automatically, then taken to their outlets by the AMRs.

AMRs draw on intelligent technology with a very small footprint, able to process a wide variety of irregular small items at high speed. This is a scalable and versatile solution that offers excellent flexibility and high capacity rates.



Sorted items are transferred to output docks, where they are loaded onto trucks to be taken to their final destinations.


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