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Fives accompanies clients throughout the entire lifecycle of an installation—from project implementation right through to end-of-life management and decommissioning. We assess system status, anticipating and reducing the risk of obsolescence, and help clients relocate or decommission installations as necessary.

Key features

End-of-life management for installations

At Fives, we work closely with our clients to understand, assess and meet their needs in terms of end-of-life services for installations. Our wide-ranging offer includes advisory services and retrofits comprising system extensions, as well as software and technical upgrades. Our team of experts can also provide decommissioning and relocation support.

Offering the best advice

Fives’ world-leading experts perform a number of assessments to help clients manage the end-of-life and decommissioning of their systems. These include performance, obsolescence, safety, cost-efficiency assessments. We also offer root causes analyses, which enable clients to benefit from data-based insights into the overall system status, helping predict risks and budget next steps against benchmarks.

Relocating & final decommissioning

Based on changing client needs, we can aid in moving an installed system to a different location. Our services include plant disassembly and transportation of system components, along with assembling the plant on the new site, and replacing broken or worn-out parts.

If decommissioning is called for due to obsolescence or changing client needs, we handle the disassembly, dismantling and/or disposal of the installed system. We provide a full estimate of all decommissioning costs as well as risks.

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