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Maintenance and Service

Continuous productivity and precision

Maintenance is essential to keep your precision grinding machine performing at its best. Our highly skilled technicians can evaluate, upgrade, repair, remanufacture or retool your machine to OEM specifications. Our GrinderCare services help your machine maintain continuous high precision performance and avoid unplanned downtime.

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We offer a variety of preventive maintenance services that take a proactive approach to maintaining your machine’s health. From full machine health checks, to heat and vibration analysis, to statistical evaluation. We help you achieve maximum machine availability by fixing potential problems before they occur.

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Upgrading your control and computer systems to the latest technologies reduces the risk of prolonged downtime due to obsolescence or part failure. Our engineers can work with you to find the best upgrade solution for your machine - ensuring that productivity is not disrupted.

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Drawing on decades of experience, our experts will return your worn or damaged unit to its original design specifications. It’s a cost-effective way to revitalize your grinding process and extend the useful life of your grinding machine. All while keeping your equipment running at optimal efficiency.

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We offer a complete range of retooling services that can be tailored to your specific needs. These include simple parts programs or software updates, which can take place at your site. In addition, our team can handle the most complex retooling programs.

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Remanufacturing enables your existing assets to be reutilized to fit your changing production needs. We offer both selective and complete remanufacturing services that allow you to manage the cost of upgrading, while maintaining your competitive edge.

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We provide dedicated technical support during the installation or relocation of your machines. Trust our expert engineers to make sure your machine is configured to reach its maximum potential.

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