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Transmission and Drivetrain Applications

With our extensive knowledge in the transmission and drivetrain industry, our team will work with you to develop an engineered solution to fit your needs. Our grinding machines are designed exceptional stiffness, high-precision and quality in mind, ensuring that you get the result you need.

high accuracy - Maximum flexibility - exceptional stiffness

There are three things that are crucial for success when grinding transmission and drivetrain components: high accuracy, maximum flexibility and exceptional stiffness. Engineered for unrivalled strength, our grinding machines offer precise, highly repeatable results to very tight tolerances. The rigidity of the machines also ensures the highest possible production rate, with maximum uptime.


We can provide you with a machine solution that will ensure you achieve a precise, repeatable finish. Additionally, all of our machines are engineered for agressive production requirements. This level of efficiency and reliability puts our customers at an advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

Multiple spindles and modular tooling mounting enable the fastest possible changeover between part families. Our grinders can be reutilized for different applications, extending the life of your grinder.

Flexible, integrated solutions

Our range of precision grinding machines are accurate, reliable and highly productive for grinding a wide variety of transmission and drivetrain components. We work closely with OEMs in a variety of markets.

Our highly flexible, engineered machine solutions can handle a multitude of component sizes or materials, using both conventional and super-abrasive (CBN & diamond) grinding wheels. Whether you are looking to grind transmission components, clutches, drive shafts, axles, or all of the above, you can rely on our machines to provide superior results in the highest possible volume.

Grinding Technologies

We have a wide selection of machines that are capable of grinding transmission and drivetrain components utilizing different grinding technologies.