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Keep your machine up-to-date

As technologies evolve, machine components become obsolete and difficult to source, which is especially true for computers. Upgrading your control and computer systems to the latest technologies mitigates the risk of prolonged downtime due to part failure. As the OEM, we can help you make informed decisions about how and when to upgrade your machine’s technical components.

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Control upgrades

Don’t let the obsolete control on your grinding machine cause disruption and unplanned downtime. Talk to us about seamlessly upgrading to a current model. We can replace your obsolete control with a 6400 CNC, Fanuc, Siemens control options, depending on your machine and individual requirements.

As the OEM we have expert knowledge of your grinding machine and have access to specialist resources to help you make the best decision. We can advise a complete or partial upgrade, depending on your needs.


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Computer upgrades

Many older computer systems, including Windows XP and Windows 7, have become obsolete. If you are currently using one of these computers and it fails, the lead time for an upgrade package would result in several months of machine downtime. You can avoid this by proactively upgrading your computer before it fails.

Talk to our experts about upgrading your old computer to a current model, with supporting components to match. Our engineered solution will fit the exact needs of your grinding machine and will include all required parts.

Upgrading to a current computer system also provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of the latest Industry 4.0 and automation solutions.