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Installation and Relocation

Expert services

Receive expert installation and relocation services directly from your grinding machine’s OEM. Our trained service technicians make the process safe and stress-free. Whether you have purchased a machine from us, or you need to relocate your machine from one site to another, we can ensure it is installed properly.

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Machine installation

If you have bought a grinding machine directly from us, installation is part of the package. You can also use our expert installation services if you have bought one of our used machines from a broker or another company.

With extensive machine knowledge and experience, our highly skilled technicians will make sure your machine is installed correctly, with connections to electricity, coolant and air. Once installed, our technicians can assist with proper machine performance, acceptable part quality and meeting required cycle time.

Proper installation is particularly important for high precision grinding machines because even the smallest discrepancies to OEM specifications can make a big difference to production quality and machine wear.


Besly - Bryant - Cincinnati - Daisho - Gardner - Giustina - Gold Crown

Landis - Norton - Pratt & Whitney - Warner Swasey

Machine relocation

If you are looking to relocate any of our grinding machines from one site to another, talk to us. We have a large, international network of highly skilled technicians ready to help.

These experts come to your site to help you safely dismantle your machine and disconnect it from all services. Then, when your machine arrives at its new location, our specialists are on hand to reassemble it according to OEM specifications.

Our technicians use their extensive knowledge and experience to identify the best order in which to dismantle and reassemble the machine so that downtime is kept to a minimum. We can also perform tests at the new site to ensure that everything is working correctly.