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Cranfield Precision machines are used in some of the most advanced ultra-precision machining applications in the world. Ranging from the highest quality optical film, to semiconductor wafer lithography and mirrors for space telescopes. With an international reputation for quality, our machines achieve high levels of precision through exceptional stiffness and damping, excellent thermal stability, and state-of-the-art machine tools.

Small optical freeform, PRISMATIC AND ASPHERIC grinding components

The Cranfield Precision TTG is the ultimate ultra-precision aspheric and freeform optics grinding solution. Engineered specifically for high-end optics and molds including medical and aerospace components, up to 350mm in diameter.

Cranfield Precision TTG 

Large optical freeform grinding components

The Cranfield Precision OGM delivers ultra-precision freeform grinding of large optic components. Featuring ultimate stiffness and thermal stability, the OGM has the flexibility to meet the needs of your high-end optics application for components up to 2,500mm.

Cranfield Precision OGM

Diamond turning for large drumroll

The Cranfield Precision EcoR 1664 is the ideal solution for the high-end optical film market. Features include exceptional stiffness and damping, the highest possible thermal stability, and single point diamond cutting tools.

Cranfield Precision EcoR 1664