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Engineering partnership

machining expertise

Cranfield Precision has a global reputation for ultra-precision machining with decades of customer references in the optics, optical film, medical and aerospace industries. Get the benefit of our experience and talk to us about your ultra-precision machining needs.

Engineering partnerships with Cranfield Precision

Located in Bedford, UK, Cranfield Precision® teams have over 50 years of experience in precision machine design and manufacture of world-leading ultra-precision machines. The business area encompasses ultra-precision machine tools, precision measuring systems and custom designed special purpose machines.

The strong links to university research groups and trade associations give Cranfield Precision® the capacity to undertake projects ranging from R&D and process consultancy to complete machine design and manufacture.

Check out our Engineering Partnership brochure to learn more about our available offers.



  • Pioneers of ductile regime grinding, ELID grinding and diamond turning
  • World’s first ductile regime silicon wafer edge grinding machines
  • World’s first diamond turning machine for LCD brightness enhancement film production
  • Metrology systems for NASA’s Chandra space telescope mirrors
  • CNC development, enabling the world’s first CNC controlled cam and crank grinding machine
  • World-leading large optics grinding machine for the production of the next generation Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) silicon wafer lithography system mirrors

Machine – Process – Partnership

Every application is different, which is why you need an expert technical partner to support your ultra-precision machining goals. Our services fall into three main categories:


Gain access to our facilities, resources and ultra-precision development machines and collaborate with us to improve your machining processes and develop new, market leading products.

  • Develop a new product
  • Improve your component specification
  • Solve a complex toolpath problem
  • Try new processes
  • Reduce your R&D overhead
  • Free up your machinery for production

View our case study on process development for optical molds



With over 50 years’ experience in ultra-precision machine and process development, let Cranfield Precision work with you to employ proven analysis and design techniques to enhance your capabilities.

  • Solve production problems
  • Update old production equipment
  • Enhance your software capabilities
  • Make high quality parts
  • Improve your machine capability
  • Develop a new manufacturing process

View our case study on process technology for improved thermal control



Develop a specification with Cranfield Precision and collaborate to produce an ultra-precision design to your requirements. Our assembly facilities can even manufacture prototype, production and batch machines for you.

  • Design complex components
  • Upgrade existing machines or sub-assemblies
  • Solve work holding problems
  • Develop new software solutions
  • Improve your machine capability
  • Create bespoke machines

View our case study on precision design for vertical counterforce


Tap into our ultra-precision machining expertise

Make the most of our engineers and experience to design solutions that meet your needs. Contact us to get started on your customized solution today.