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In-Stock High Precision Machines

Fives' High Precision Machines Division offers comprehensive solutions for industries such as aerospace, defense, agriculture, and more. Together with renowned brands Cincinnati, Giddings & Lewis, Liné Machines, Forest-Liné, and Landis, we're your trusted single source for all machining requirements.

Giddings & Lewis - V 1250

Cast iron cross-braced contruction. Large ram cross section adds rigidity for heavy cuts. Table sizes 800 - 1600 mm. Tool and part probes available.

  • 1250 mm plain table with boring mill jaws 
  • Installation and 12-month warranty
  • 20-position tool changer

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Giddings & Lewis - RT 130

Cross-braced column adds torsional stiffness. Cast iron construction for rigidity. Flat floor foundation. Optional table enclosure, splash shields shown.

  • Rotary table size 1250 x 1400 mm 
  • 12-month warranty
  • 40-position tool changer

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Forest-Liné - Aerostar

The high-speed 5-Axis Horizontal Machining provides the perfect solution for rapidly removing large volumes of material, such as aluminum alloys.

  • Max load 4 tons
  • Pallet size 2 x 4 m
  • Cast iron or steel weldment

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Liné Machines - Powermill V

5 axis large machining center for complex part processing, built for milling, drilling, boring & tapping.

  • X 14.5 m (570 in) / Y 4.2 m (165 in)/ Z 1.9 m (74 in)
  • Exclusive HS5 head
  • CNC: Siemens 840D SL
  • Thermal compensation on all linear axis

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Forest-Liné - Flexiax V

Engineered to ensure exceptional stiffness and stability, this machine delivers the highest possible throughput, while insuring a high degree of accuracy.

  • Power 105 kW
  • Torque 1 000 Nm
  • Speed 10 000 rpm

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Cincinnati - Robotic Viper

The next generation of automated fiber placement, offered at a lower price point without sacrificing quality, accuracy and reliability. 

  • Width - 3.2mm, 6.4mm, 12.7mm
  • Fixed and docking creel designs
  • Tow feed/CCR - add 1.0 m/sec on the fly 

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Gardner - VDD 585

Designed for flat and parallel surface grinding. High productivity machine with 3 block cast iron box type framing structure for superior rigidity.

  • Max. thickness - 85mm (3.4”)
  • Min. thickness - 0.5mm (0.02”)
  • Max. power grinding wheel - 22 - 30 kW

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Cincinnati - Sabre

Maximize capabilities with increased speed, power and reliability.

  • Rigid tapping with high-performance spindle
  • Options and capabilities for diverse needs
  • Heavy-duty cartridge type spindle for
    heavy cutting

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Landis-Bryant - RU1

Designed for bearings, automotive, fuel management, valve & drive train applications & other high precision applications for various industries.

  • Max. swing diameter - 127mm
  • Max. workpiece length - 63mm
  • Max. internal grinding diameter - 38mm

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Cincinnati - Lancer

High capacity vertical machining center designed with rigid construction, unsurpassed quality, high accuracy and ultimate performance.

  • Saddle one piece design
  • Rapid rates up to 20 m/min
  • X travel from 1300 - 2040mm

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Landis - LTT

Twin-turret, multi-spindle solution to grind ODs, IDs, faces, tapers, concentric and eccentric diameters to sub-micron tolerances in single clamping.

  • Max. grinding diameter (OD) - 100mm
  • Max. external grinding length - 100mm
  • Min. internal grinding length - up to 100mm

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Cincinnati - Maxim 630


Large capacity, versatile horizontal machining center

  • Rapid traverse of 48 m/min on X/Y/Z
  • 2 pallet, one to one swing type APC
  • Large part capacity, up to 1000 mm diameter and 1200 kg load capacity
  • High power, high torque during low speeds

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Cincinnati - Arrow

The most versatile vertical machining solution. Lower price point without sacrificing the quality, accuracy and reliability.

  • Options and capabilities for diverse needs
  • Rapid feed rate 48/48/36 mm
  • Spindle speed 10000 rpm  

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