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Annealing & galvanizing lines

We have engineered NeoKoil® annealing and galvanizing lines to meet the demands of automotive, construction, appliance and packaging applications. Our latest innovations, including direct firing furnaces, non-oxidizing rapid cooling solutions and transverse flux induction technologies, integrated into NeoKoil® lines will reshape the future. Take a look into a horizontal and vertical galvanizing line.


NeoKoil® annealing and galvanizing lines for the production of high-strength steels, including AHSS and UHSS: 

  • Diverse grade range production
  • Meeting specific process parameters
  • Technology for multiple coating types
  • Safety for operators and equipment
  • Maintenance-friendly design 



NeoKoil® annealing & galvanizing lines for construction, appliance and non-exposed automotive applications:

  • A wide grade range production
  • Challenging coating diversity
  • Productivity gain - Prime quality first
  • Emission and waste limitation
  • Safety for operations & maintenance



High-speed continuous annealing lines featuring advanced process technologies to produce tinplate steel:

  • Treatment of thin packaging steels
  • High-ductile tin-plate grades
  • High speed, high yield operations
  • High capacity production
  • Safety for operations & maintenance