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CELES EcoTransFlux

Rapid induction heating

transverse flux induction heater with very high heating rates at very high temperatures designed for the specific requirements of high-strength carbon, stainless or silicon steel grades. Because it replaces a gas-fired furnace, you can achieve a significant reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions.

Versatile, compact and economical

High-flux induction heating solutions offer an alternative to conventional steel strip heating processes. CELES EcoTransFlux, transverse flux induction heating technology is a proven alternative for very rapid heating at high temperatures:

  • Heating capability: up to 1,200°C
  • High heating rates: up to 400°C/sec
  • Heating of non-magnetic materials: stainless steel, Gen3 AHSS, etc.
  • Thermal efficiency above 75% regardless of strip format
  • Compact units for easier integration
  • Minimized environmental impact


In order to meet the challenging annealing process of new Gen3 AHSS steels, CELES EcoTransFlux™ - a transverse flux induction heater - is designed for high temperature annealing cycles and galvannealing of steels with a large fraction of austenite.  


  • Higher temperature increase up to 400°C/s
  • High annealing temperatures 900-950°C
  • Eco-friendly

Gen3 AHSS features a unique combination of high strength and high formability, which enables new designs of lighter and safer vehicles.


For energy-efficient bright annealing lines, CELES EcoTransFlux™ can be used to replace a gas-heated furnace. This cutting-edge technology delivers:

  • Increased production rates thanks to high energy density
  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Compact design