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Design Excellence

Fives designs and supplies a range of end finishing machines, including cut-offs and end facers for deburring and profiling for seamless and welded tubes & pipes, all over the world. 

Taylor-Wilson End Facers

Taylor-Wilson end facers operate in different modes and can accommodate varying lengths, thickness and ranges. Each end finishing machine has a heavy-duty design that can be customized to client’s requirements.

Taylor-Wilson end facers enhance productivity by reducing set-up and cycle time. Along with design excellence and enhancing productivity, these machines also offer application flexibility and improved product quality.

Stationary Cut-Offs

Our rugged end finishing machines are specially adapted for cutting line pipe, casing, tubing, roller bearing and coupling stock. Each machine is capable of cutting a broad range of sizes, saving floor space, as well as eliminating the need for additional equipment:

  • Rotating product and stationary tool cutting method
  • API pipe finishing requirements if coupled with an end-facing machine
  • Automatic ream & chamfer assembly
  • Universal chucking assembly
  • Two tools cutting thanks to large drive motors and a wide carbide insert