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Induction heaters

Energy savings

Heating is an energy-intensive operation, usually resulting in high costs and polluting emissions. With our range of CELES induction heaters, you have a rapid heating solution that reduces the environmental and financial cost of heating, while improving product quality and even increasing thermal capacity.


High-flux inductors

Specially designed for long products reheating, it's a versatile and eco-friendly solution for hybrid furnaces or mini mills. High-flux inductors offer lower energy costs, lower maintenance and perfect temperature control.



transverse flux induction

Breakthrough transverse flux induction heating technology designed to meet the challenges of producing advanced high-strength steel grades, as well as stainless and silicon steels at high temperature and heating rates.

CELES EcoTransFlux

CELES induction heaters

conventional heaters

Offering reduced energy use and uniform heating for preheating, annealing, curing or coating. As the thermal capacity is increased, you can process the strip more quickly and increase throughput through the line.

CELES Induction heaters