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Celes Celine

High-flux heaters

A rapid heating solution for long products incorporates CELES CELINE high-flux reheating inductors for sizable cost and energy savings, as well as improved product quality.


New requirements for intermediate heating at conventional hot rolling mills or thin slab casting are characterised by extremely high power densities and power levels. We developed a conductor that can be used to design multi-layer inductors, which enables significantly greater power density. Consequently, injectable power levels allow the targets to be reached. Common applications for high-flux inductors include:

  • Reheated billets for pressing, stamping, forging or hot rolling
  • Reheated pipes or rails for continuous heat treatment

The main advantages of high-flux reheating inductors are their heating efficiency and compactness.

Lower costs with CELES CELINE

CELES CELINE high-flux inductor is a versatile and eco-friendly solution for hybrid furnaces or mini mills. Customer benefits include:

  • Significant reduction of production costs and metal loss 
  • Eco-friendly production: ultra-low emissions
  • Temperature deviation is automatically compensated
  • Maintenance free

If you combine a gas-fired reheating furnace with the CELES CELINE inductor, you can reheat materials very quickly at lower furnace temperatures. The result is incredible: power density is six times greater than conventional inductors. With heating maintained at a continuous temperature, skid marks are reduced and production quality is improved.

Lower maintenance, greater reliability

The high-flux inductor doesn't need refractory and it has adequate thermal and mechanical protection, meaning maintenance requirements are minimal. Moreover, the furnace benefits from operating at a lower temperature, giving you a longer refractory life, reduced maintenance costs, minimized NOx emissions and a reduction of scale formation.