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Advanced services

For steelmakers and tube manufacturers, day-to-day operations are enough of a challenge. Add to that increasingly complex customer demands, greater competition, environmental restrictions and unexpected downtime and you might find you need additional support. From troubleshooting to maintenance planning, spare parts to our Steel Training Academy – our advanced services will help you achieve your performance goals.

Operational Support

Remote and in-person

Services to support your productivity goals. From one-off call-outs to ongoing service contracts, we can assist with troubleshooting, assess equipment performance, and help you develop a predictive maintenance schedule.

Operational sUPPORT

Steel Training Academy

Empower your staff

Because your people are your biggest asset, we deliver a broad range of training programs to ensure they are ready for any challenge. From process and product quality to equipment and digital solutions, all our courses are tailored to your needs.

Steel training Academy

Modernization & upgrades

Increased performance

Customized expert support for all your modernization and upgrade projects, giving you the benefit of our experience and a one-stop-shop for complete project implementation. Fives aims to increase the performance of equipment and workshops throughout their life cycle.


Parts and repairs

guaranteed lead-time

We offer a guaranteed lead-time on parts, provide reactive after-sales services whenever necessary and deliver Original Equipment Manufacturer quality to ensure downtime is minimized and every repair feels like an upgrade.

Spare parts