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Autonomous Mobile Robot Sorter

The GENI-Ant™ Autonomous Mobile Robot Sorter intelligent technology solution leverages Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) within large distribution centers, small depots and final sortation points. This new system offers the highest level of flexibility available on the market today.

Key features

Offering optimum parcel sorting performance

Based on AMR technology, the GENI-Ant™ Sorter by Fives’ Smart Automation Solutions Division is designed to handle any kind of item within postal, express-courier, distribution and e-commerce logistics centers. It can transport both standard and small non-conveyable items, including cumbersome, hard-to-handle and small-sized parcels.

GENI-Ant™ maximizes operational performance even in small and crowded facilities. The system is ideal for final sortation points or large distribution centers where sorting is required for numerous final destinations.

Intelligent technology for maximum flexibility

GENI-Ant™ is an extremely flexible system that is suitable for a broad range of applications and layouts. With capacity to increase the number of robots when needed, it achieves current throughputs while anticipating future expansion. Countless custom configurations are available to meet any customer’s unique requirements.

The GENI-Ant™ robots make accurate and reliable movements that can be independently controlled to conform to any layout. Their batteries can be recharged during normal operations thanks to a smart auto-recharge system. An in-motion items handling feature means that GENI-Ant™ doesn’t even stop for parcel loading and sorting. Rather, both are carried out on the fly. It can work directly on a warehouse floor to sort items at a height of 1.2 meters (3.9 ft), or just as easily can be fitted to work at mezzanine levels.

Managing warehouse traffic in real time

This smart automation solution utilizes an embedded high-performance Traffic Management System to optimize travel paths in real-time. With easy loading and direct sorting into roller cages or boxes, GENI-Ant™ maintains high-performance sorting rates for non-conveyable items—even while handling the smallest, most unconventional items.

The system requires very limited fixed installation, significantly decreasing overhead costs. GENI-Ant™ can be easily moved and installed in other facilities to optimize ROI and meet new requirements.

Watch GENI-Ant in action here

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