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GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution Irregular Sorter

Fives designed the GENI-Flex™ Modular Solution Irregular Sorter for packages that are extra-large and oddly shaped, and therefore considered non-conveyable on traditional sorters.

The heavy duty, yet gentle GENI-Flex sorter is optimized for packages up to 79.4 kg (175 lbs) and 2.74 m (9 ft) in length. It has a proven ability to handle the most extensive range of irregularly shaped and oversized products in the industry, including five-gallon buckets, tires, and carpet rolls.

Key features

Automated sorting for the most extensive range of items in the industry

Ordinarily, oversized packages are sorted using manual labor. Workers remove oversized and irregular packages from the singulator conveyor by hand and place them onto carts for transport to their destination. This manual sorting of oversized packages is not only inefficient and physically demanding but also potentially harmful to workers’ long-term health and safety.

GENI-Flex alleviates these physical and operational burdens by offering an industry-leading solution—an automated sortation system that handles the most extensive range of large and irregular packages. It provides multiple pre-engineered takeaway options. Parallel or powered 90° takeaways minimize manual labor to transport packages to their final destination. Gravity 90° takeaways can be used when hands- on human interaction is required.

Standardized design for rapid installation

Consumer behavior has rapidly progressed from brick-and-mortar patronage to e-commerce. To keep pace and meet demand, distribution centers have had to quickly and creatively increase processing capacity. The GENI-Flex Modular Solution Irregular Sorter comes pre-wired and pre-assembled, with module guarding and product guides included. Its standardized design enables users to rapidly deploy and commission systems with minimal factory support.

The system’s robust modular design has the advantage of ultra-low maintenance needs and is easily reconfigured for future expansion. This offers the flexibility to quickly respond to increased operational growth.

Hardy components with gentle diverting action

Sorting irregular and oversized packages is an extremely arduous process. Components involved in this sorting must be able to withstand the harshest product environments, yet their diverting action must be gentle. GENI-Flex features an innovative, self-contained pop-up divert module designed with this philosophy in mind.

Two high-friction transfer belts rise to gently divert packages towards an elected takeaway module. These belts are manufactured from highly durable materials used in mining operations and are resistant to cuts, tears and abrasions.

When products need to pass over the divert module, the transfer belts lower and a powered roller solution is used to carry items across the transfer belt. This self-contained system virtually eliminates the onerous maintenance requirements of traditional rollers and band systems.

See GENI-Flex™ in action

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