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TRI-Sort SDX+P™ Linear Parcel Shoe Sorter

Fives invented the shoe sorter over 45 years ago. The TRI-Sort SDX+P™ is the realization of our continuous evolution and advancements in linear parcel shoe sorter technology ever since. With running speeds of up to 198 m/min(650 ft/min), it is capable of handling up to 18,000 parcels per hour.

Key features

Smooth, reliable automated sorting for maximum uptime

The TRI-Sort SDX+P is designed for smoothness and efficiency at high speed. It provides a soft, positive divert with shoes that move alongside the unit load for the entire length of the slat. It can rapidly handle a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights when configured accordingly.

The TRI-Sort SDX+P’s robust aluminum slats are driven by a powerful central motor providing up to 60 horsepower depending on system length. Debris trays are precision engineered to isolate and protect slats and shoes from falling debris during their return trips. If left unprotected, fall out debris and liquids can enter in between the gaps of slat cross members and spread to the returning slats as they pass underneath. The debris trays effectively contain the spread of foreign matter and minimize contamination that can interfere with the free motion of the slats. This results in longer sorter component life and increased uptime.

Energy-absorbing shoe designs

TRI-Sort SDX+P shoes feature energy-absorbing honeycomb elastomeric cushions to gently divert each sorted item. If a jam occurs, the shoes pop off automatically to prevent any damage and can easily be snapped back on to restore operations.

Our advanced sorter solution offers interchangeable shoe designs that can be tailored to support specific parcel mixes. This enables flexibility to select the most efficient gap spacing and shoe assignments to produce the highest throughput yield.

Modular, customizable sorter configurations

The TRI-Sort SDX+P system’s modular design offers precise, adjustable positioning of divert gates. This makes the sorter fully customizable to meet the needs of each individual facility.

The system can support both a mono-lateral configuration (at 198 m/min, or 650 ft/min) or bi-lateral configuration (at 122 m/min, or 400 ft/min) divert switch designs. This allows for added flexibility to divert oversized packages to a parallel conveyor or to direct parcels to another part of the facility as needed.

The TRI-Sort SDX+P™ Linear Parcel Shoe Sorter

Watch this video to learn more about the TRI-Sort SDX+P™

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