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SOLI-XK2™ Parcel Singulator

The SOLI-XK2™ Parcel Singulator offers industry-leading throughput and singulation accuracy for mixed product streams of standard size boxes and large nylon bags that transport smaller items such as polybags and packets.

A Fives’ innovation, the SOLI-XK2™ is designed to continuously convert bulk flows of mixed product into a single-file stream. It prepares standard parcels for downstream processing such as automated sortation.

Key features

Quiet, reliable operations with over 99% singulation accuracy

The evolution of the SOLI-XK2TM represents our unwavering commitment to respond to customers’ challenges and anticipate their needs in an increasingly dynamic market.

With e-commerce rising at unprecedented rates, our distribution center clients were under pressure to enhance their speed, efficiency and processing capacity. We worked alongside them to ensure our SOLI-XK2™ offered the supreme performance they required, by maintaining over 99% singulation and gapping accuracy at high speeds.

Next, we developed proprietary, low-friction composite glide plates that allow for quieter operations, by eliminating half the number of rollers previously used, with no loss in singulation performance. This solution also protects drive components from debris, leading to longer component life and less maintenance.

High-volume re-circulation conveyor adds buffer capacity

The cutting-edge singulator system offers high-volume re-circulation with added buffer capacity to significantly enhance efficiency.

Parcels that do not conform to the singulated flow are directed to the re-circulation conveyor by the multi-stage, side-by-side eliminator and the stripper conveyor. The re-circulation conveyor returns non-conforming packages to the infeed module for reprocessing. This process is iterated until all packages are singulated or removed from the line. This continuous re-circulation loop also acts as a volume surge buffer, handling increased package flow without significantly affecting upstream processes.

Optimal flow management with PowerFill 2D

The greatest factor to maximizing singulator throughput and accuracy is the proper management of the bulk flow input.

With this knowledge, and built upon decades of experience in deploying hundreds of singulator systems worldwide, we have developed a patented flow management solution. This enables our customers to take control of the singulation process where it originates – at the primary bulk collector.

The PowerFill 2D Flow Management System intelligently transforms a network of existing bulk collection conveyors into a dynamic buffering system. It delivers the optimal volume of packages that a downstream process can effectively handle – never underfed nor overfed.

See the SOLI-XK2™ in action

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