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ACCORD™ Packet Singulator

The ACCORD™ Packet Singulator offers industry-leading throughput and singulation accuracy for small packages including flats, polybags and cartons. The ACCORD™ continuously converts 3D bulk flows of mixed product into a single-file 2D stream. It prepares small packets weighing up to 15 kg (33 lbs) for downstream processing such as automated sorting.

Key features

Accurate alignment to support downstream processing

The ACCORD’s incline de-stacker efficiently removes stacked items, delivering a steady 2D flow to downstream subsystems without the need for manual intervention. Its skew aligner reorients and justifies packets from the singulator center to the right-hand side of downstream singulator conveyors. The result is more efficient downstream scanning functions, which leads to improved barcode read accuracy of mail pieces traveling through the scan tunnel.

Automated singulation process with re-circulation

A side-by-side eliminator comprised of several functional conveyors removes any adjacent parcels. This means only a single file of packages can pass through, while side-by-side packages are sent for reprocessing via the re-circulation conveyor. In this way, the re-circulation belt also offers increased high-volume surge capacity. By returning packages to the singulator’s feed input, it helps to buffer high volumes by leveling package flow.

Patented dynamic flow management for proper gapping

Our patented flow controller measures the footprint of singulated items and the gaps between them, in order to calculate the desired gapping. Next, the algorithm dynamically sets the conveyor speed in relation to downstream operations. This can either pull a larger gap or close a gap depending on what is needed to achieve optimal spacing and capacity.

See the ACCORD™ Packet Singulator in action

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