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empowered by Fives

AutoStore™: The cube storage pioneer

AutoStore™ empowered by Fives is an ultra-high-density automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). It offers customers incredible flexibility, speed, so they can stay ahead and achieve customer sucess in today's omnichannel digital economy.

Configured, installed and maintained by Fives, AutoStore™ let customers maximize their usage of space and offers the highest density ratio of any goods-to-person system on the market.

Key features

adaptable to business needs

System & layout flexibility

Thanks to its unique aluminum cubic grid system, AutoStore™ reduces storage footprint by 75% compared to traditional storage space. Warehouse robots fulfill orders 24/7 within a dense cubic layout.

AutoStore™ easily adapts to business needs with minimal disruption. Simply add bins, ports, or robots to boost throughput, or expand the grid while the system is in operation for greater storage capacity.

Just like building blocks, the grid can form any shape or height required. The grid adapt to the shape of your building, whether it is rectangular, triangular, or irregular.

Any shape is possible, not like traditional AS/RS that require longitudinal shaped buildings!

Industry flexibility

With more than 650 AutoStore systems installed worldwide, each AS/RS is designed using custom simulation software to create the exact design that will meet customer specifications.

We supply AutoStore systems to a variety of industries:

  • Grocery: Automate your operations to give the best service in-store and online
  • Retail: Keep customers happy with speedy and efficient delivery
  • 3PL: Achieve efficiencies and enhance your competitive edge 
  • Industrials: Deliver seamless service to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Healthcare: Ensure that every patient gets what they need when they need it

reliable and future-proof

Based on a modular system, each port and robot works independently and can be serviced without stopping. As a result, there is never a single point of failure!

Thanks to software innovation, AutoStore has a 99.6% up-time worldwide system average and allows you to access your whole inventory 24/7.

With AutoStore™, your business continues to grow while running, thanks to the possibility to expand the storage capacity while the system is operating.

Energy-efficient robot technology

AutoStore™ boasts unrivaled green credentials and zero wasted energy.

The system’s highly efficient robots recharge themselves at the right time to avoid excessive charging and regenerate energy every time they lower a bin or slow down.

Since the robots do not require ventilation, heating, cooling or lighting, the energy consumed by 10 robots is equivalent to a coffee machine used for the same amount of time.

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