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High efficiency & capacity

High speed and high capacity horizontal or vertical strip accumulators offering careful handling and ensure optimum efficiency in your mill feed. Whatever your layout and process requirements, we have a strip accumulator to suit you. 

High-speed strip accumulators for optimal productivity

Every model in the range integrates fully with the tube mill, enabling end shearing and welding to be carried out while the tube mill runs at constant speed. Each one is built for optimum safety and noise control, ensuring the safety of your operators. Installation is easy and maintenance is minimal, giving you maximum uptime.

Choose from vertical or horizontal models in a range of free loop, spiral, tower arrangements or a mixed solution.

Horizontal Accumulators

free-loop, spiral and mixed solutions

The large storage capacity is sufficient to allow the leading and trailing ends of the coils to be welded in ample time without having to stop the mill. Operations are performed while the mill is fed at constant speed.

The strip is accumulated in various arrangements depending on whether operation is based on a constant number of loops or spiral mode. It offers increased capacity compared to the traditional spiral solution.

Vertical Accumulators

Rotating Basket, Free-Loop and Tower

Vertical rotating basket and free loop strip accumulators provide high speed storage to enable end shearing and welding to be carried out while the mill runs at high and constant production speeds. The rotating basket series can work with very light gauge strip.

Tower accumulators, designed specifically for stainless steel, include large strips in a vertical configuration without any risk of strip creeping.