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Robust & low maintenance

Robust decoilers with the highest safety standards for every tube mill. We offer a full range of single or double arm decoilers with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode for carbon or stainless steel strip preparation. 

Decoiling in 2-minute cycle time

Our decoilers can handle strip widths from 30 mm to 2,400 mm with 0.4-28 mm thicknesses and achieve a 2-minute cycle time thanks to off-line strip preparation and quick & optimized sequences. Debander robot for automatic strap removal allows the best safe operation since the operator is not involved directly in the process but acts only as a controller. 

Voltek – easy, quick, safe

For easy upgrades, our modular Voltek decoilers offer flexible and efficient decoiling of carbon and stainless steel strips from 0.6 – 10 mm thick and 30 – 610 mm wide.

Installation is easy thanks to the space-saving and foundation-free design, while practical design choices make maintenance quick and simple. With the use of onboard coil retainers and new hydraulic jog concept, the Voltek offers:

  • Safer and easier operation
  • Compact installation
  • Minimized energy consumption
  • Lowered overall occurrence of faults
  • Reduced maintenance costs 

Single decoiler

Designed both for small and medium tube lines, the single decoiler series come with a wide set of coil loading systems, therefore making the coil loading and preparation phase safe and efficient.

Double decoiler

The twin mandrel decoiler loads the next coil onto the unoccupied mandrel while the other coil is feeding the mill. A double decoiler ‘planetary’ rotation type allows the operator to prepare the new coil offline.

Step mandrel

For heavy-weight strips, the step mandrel design is strongly recommended.  This system enables the coil weight to be subdivided among two decoilers, reaching the necessary counter pull for strip tension.