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Our pusher furnace is a conventional solution for reheating products that works by pushing products through the combustion chamber. It delivers high efficiency and low cost reheating of carbon, alloy, stainless and special steels. 

Simple yet effective!

This simple mechanical system ensures the billets, slabs, blooms and beam blanks moving through the furnace are always well aligned. This, together with the near-total lack of cooled elements inside the heating chamber, makes it highly energy efficient and gives you very low operating costs. It also requires the lowest CAPEX of any type of furnace.

Our low-fuel consumption design gives you a high return on investment and a reduced maintenance cost.

  • New lining patterns to reduce heat losses
  • Solid hearth design with or without skids

Fuel efficiency

Designed to heat products made of carbon, alloy, stainless or special steels, the pusher furnace is also fuel-efficient and can utilize fuels including natural gas, fuel oil, COG, BFG and mixed gas thanks to the state-of-the-art AdvanTek® burners.

  • Top-fired pusher furnaces for billets 15-100 t/h
  • Top and bottom-fired pusher furnaces for billets, slabs, blooms and beam blanks 60-300 t/h

You can also customize the charging and discharging machines according to the application and layout – and even save time by opting for a prefabricated installation for ultra-fast start-up