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Painting and coating lines


Coating types and end-uses vary significantly and continue to expand.  Thus a progressive and novel family of coating or painting lines is required. Color coating lines (CCL), combined galvanizing and painting lines (CGPL), film coating and laminating lines are offered, all designed to process high quality strip coating efficiently and effectively.

NeoKoil® CCL

Designed for your process

Our NeoKoil® color coating lines (CCL) process high quality strip coating for all your different applications - a wide range of coatings and line types - including: automotive, construction, home appliances, white goods, food and packaging industries.


  • Curing ovens: convection (direct, indirect gas heating), induction
  • Recuperative or regenerative incinerators
  • Proprietary or integrated coaters
  • Vertical or horizontal roll-coaters for chemical paint
  • Finish roll coaters with a quick roll change device



NeoKoil® CGPL

Reduce costs with a combined galvanizing and painting line

The main principal of our NeoKoil® combined galvanizing and painting strip processing lines (CGPL) is to provide galvanizing and painting sections in one processing line. This reduces investment and operational costs, as well as increasing quality and safety by reducing coil handling and treatment time.


  • 20–25% reduction in investment costs
  • 15% reduction in operational costs
  • Quality improvement (handling, storage or strip protection is not needed between galvanizing and painting sections) 

CGPL steel grades

The combined line is designed for the production of different steel grades from full hard (HRC) and commercial quality CQ (CRC), to various high-strength steel and coatings, such as regular spangle, minispangle, 55% AlZn galvalume, 5% AlZn galfan, ZnMgAl, aluminized products, etc.