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Ultimate quality management

Eyeron™ is a real-time quality improvement software that drives efficiency across steel workshops, enables productivity improvements and frees up plant personnel for more high-value activities. Your EBITDA will be improved by 5 - 7%, giving you a return on investment of less than one year.


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Smarter decisions

Steelmaking is strongly competitive, with customers demanding faster, stronger and brighter all the time. In order to keep up with demand, you have to be able to manage your process and quality on the fly. How?

Bringing together data from steelmaking, hot and cold rolling, strip processing, surface inspection systems and laboratories, Eyeron™ eliminates the need for separate software tools to compare data from different workshops. 

With greater visualization of the process, you gain an improved understanding of where inefficiencies are likely to occur. Real-time quality improvement becomes simple: the system gathers all your process know-how and quality rules in the most efficient way and manages product quality grading automatically.

Eyeron™ was crafted by Fives’ experienced metallurgists to resolve quality control challenges throughout the steel process. It features a user-friendly metallurgical rules editor with an intuitive graphical interface that doesn't require specific IT skills. 

Real-time Quality management

  • AI based metallurgical and process models
  • Self-learning modules
  • Automated qualification modules
  • Smart sensors and mobile device modules

Smart functions

  • Big data analysis modules
  • SPC: timely follow-up of process and instrument deviation
  • Anticipation of process and/or quality issues

Comprehensive Features 

  • Adapts from a single workshop to integrated multi sites
  • Customized software architecture and modules
  • Dedicated quality management methodology
  • Modules designed by metallurgists and validated by steelmakers