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Modernization and upgrades

With world-class technologies and decades of experience, your modernization and upgrade projects are in good hands with Fives. Our experts are here to help plan and execute your project to modernize and upgrade your steel or tube line.

Innovative projects

As technologies develop, you might be thinking about the best way to modernize and upgrade your process. Whether you want to overhaul an entire plant, or target specific bottlenecks, our solutions are customized to your goals:

  • The latest advanced technologies for reheating furnaces, strip processing lines, tube mill lines and finishing floors
  • A one-stop-shop for complete project implementation
  • The optimum solution for reduced costs and increased production efficiency, backed by our extensive R&D programs
  • A global network of experts and international sourcing

Reheating furnaces

  • Capacity & quality increase
  • Process upgrade to reheat new products
  • Energy efficiency & environnemental impact
  • Automation upgrade 
  • Safety & standard compliance upgrade

Cold rolling

  • 20Hi mills: capacity & quality increase
  • 20Hi mills: wiping, flatness control & filtration improvements
  • Skin-pass mills: mark free mandrel, roll & strip cleaning

Strip processing

  • Increase strip processing line speed
  • Advanced pickling & degreasing solutions
  • Process upgrade to achieve a new product mix
  • Energy saving & environnemental impact

Tube mills

  • Tube mill conversion for higher productivity
  • Quick roll change carriage
  • Roll change safety and efficiency
  • Maximizing tool life (rolls and blades)
  • Cut-off technologies

Finishing equipment

  • Equipment evaluation and productivity reviews
  • Motorized roll movement
  • Implementation of roll position feedback
  • Optimum roll position setting program

Take your process

to the next level

With advanced solutions from Fives

Modernization and upgrade projects aren’t just about bigger and better equipment – it’s about having the right combination of technologies, designed in the right way to suit your precise circumstances. Our extensive R&D programs enable us to develop innovative solutions that maximise productivity, reduce energy consumption and cut costs, all while ensuring optimum product quality.

Take advantage of our extensive expertise in line management, mechanical equipment, thermal process, combustion and automation projects to design the perfect solution for you.