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Roll change robot

RollBotTM is an innovative roll change robot that carries out fast, accurate and safe roll changes in 20Hi cold rolling mills for any type of steel. This fully-automated system ensures maximum safety, quality and productivity.

Safe and fast operations

Cold rolling mills need regular work roll changes to maintain high performance. This is a time-consuming and dangerous operation that requires the work of several operators.

RollBotTM is a stand-alone equipment located in front of the rolling mill that automatically changes any type of roll to ensure repeatability of operations and increase efficiency. It also eliminates much of the manual handling that poses a significant safety risk. 

  • Safer and faster roll changes
  • High-standard operations
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved product quality

Intelligent and self-adapting

The technology is designed to cope with a diverse range of cylinder types – from light work rolls to back-up rolls that weigh almost a tonne  – and automatically adapts to the dimensions of the roll being changed to ensure the requested precision of 20Hi roll configuration design. 

Its innovative 90° turning head enables RollBotTM to independently take any type of rolls from the palette and load it into the mill while considering the best combination of roll diameter. Time sequences are significantly improved.

All these features make RollBotTM a real game changer for steelmakers in their daily operations.