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Silicon steel

Driving the future

The production of new high performance silicon steel grades needed by the electric car and energy industries presents a challenge to steelmakers. You would need advanced technologies to produce high flux density materials with minimal core losses at high frequencies. With our proprietary technologies and expertise, we are ready to help you enter this competitive market and build a reputation for quality.


Our NeoKoil® silicon processing lines are dedicated for the production of non-grain oriented (NGO) and grain oriented (GO and HiB) grades for high-end applications:

  • Annealing & pickling lines (APL)
  • Annealing & coating lines (ACL)
  • Decarburizing & coating lines (DCL)
  • Flattening & coating lines (FCL) 

Record performances:

  • Strip temperature: up to 1,100 °C
  • Fast heating: up to 400 °C/s
  • Process atmosphere: dry or wet from 0 to 95% H2

New steel grades - new markets

Fives is entrusted by steelmakers to provide processing line technologies and equipment to produce high efficiency silicon steel grades - 10 references worldwide in the last 2 years.

Proprietary technologies

With decades of experience and a number of global references, we have the process expertise and energy-saving technologies to support your production goals.

DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills - Guaranteeing strip surface quality.
NeoKlean® system – Engineered according to your process requirements.
Process section – Comprising a horizontal furnace up to 1,100 °C strip temperature with the AdvanTek® combustion system. It also includes induction heating technologies for ultra-rapid heating, smooth slow cooling and compact rapid jet coolers to follow stringent process requirements.

The thermal section includes the Best Available Technology for furnace atmosphere management, utilizing seal gates, high H2 analysis systems and wet/dry atmosphere sections to reach the required steel properties.