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Born from more than 150 years of expertise in thermal engineering, our walking beam furnaces are designed for reheating of slabs, beam blanks, blooms and billets. The best available technology - Stein Digit@l Furnace® - features high heating efficiency, fuel flexibility, low energy consumption and ultra-low emissions.


Fives offers the steel industry’s most cost-effective and digitally-enabled reheating furnace - Stein Digit@l Furnace®.

Customer benefits

  • Heating uniformity due to flattened & widened flame combustion
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to AdvanTek® burners
  • Multi-fuel burners, including hydrogen convertible burners
  • Unique combustion technology for any operating conditions
  • Ultra-low NOx emissions
  • Oxide scale reduction
  • Real-time thermal tracking and control

Digitally controlled

Utilizing Virtuo™ thermal optimization tool and Virtuo™ OptiScale oxide scale control system, all operating parameters are digitally controlled for optimum performance. This is what enables the latest generation – Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0 – to offer the best value for money on the market when considering initial investment, operating costs and product quality.


The Stein Reheating Walking Beam Furnace (WBF) – a cost-effective walking beam furnace with proportional control – is designed to reheat long and flat products.

The furnace is suitable for reheating billets, blooms, beam blanks and slabs at throughput rates from 60 up to 500 t/h and for products weighing up to 67 tons. This heavy-duty equipment can even be prefabricated for quick and easy installation. Benefits include:

  • Compatible with all fuel types: NG, fuel oil, COG, BFG, mixed gas, etc.
  • Reduced fuel consumption thanks to AdvanTek® burners
  • Best temperature distribution in the product
  • Mechanics installed away from heat for less maintenance and longer life


A fuel-flexible solution. Stein Reget@l Furnace is specifically designed to operate with low calorific value fuels, such as blast furnace gases.

Thanks to the advanced design of the AdvanTek® Regen burners, high temperatures can still be achieved, ensuring efficient reheating of a wide range of steel products, including special steels.

The Stein Reget@l Furnace is based on the same walking beam furnace technology as the Stein Digit@l Furnace®, it promises the same high quality and uses Virtuo, our thermal performance optimizer.