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SmartLine™ is a fully automated control system based on predictive models. It allows steelmakers to manage complex product mix, improve mechanical properties and surface quality, and lower energy consumption. It improves processing line performance and determines optimal conditions to achieve the highest productivity. 

Proven results

Among several references, Smartline™ was installed on 4 continuous galvanizing lines at Marcegaglia Ravenna, in Italy. Due to a wide upstream diversity and an increasing demand for high value-added steel grades, Marcegaglia was looking for a smart solution to ensure the best quality yield and productivity.

“With SmartLineTM we reduced the cost of production. Particularly, we reduced gas consumption by 10%, increased productivity by 5% and obtained high stability in the process.” 



Productivity increase


Energy savings


Tensile strength uniformity


Reduction on coating variability

Modular solution

Smartline™ utilizes various predictive models that can be adapted to different rules and process conditions:

  • Master Model links all key processes in real time, manages transitions, and anticipate and adapt process conditions. It contains metallurgical models based on incoming coil data, as well as process and quality rules for speed range adaptation.
  • Virtuo™-L uses 3D thermal models and Artificial Intelligence to control the annealing cycle in real time. 
  • Zinc Bath Model advises optimal ingot feeding procedures to enhance galvanizing bath conditions. 
  • Air-Knife Model improves wiping parameters during transitions to guarantee coating conformity and decrease zinc consumption. 


SmartLine™ was honored by Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence and named as Solar Impulse Efficient Solution.