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Special devices

For special applications

We have a range of special application devices, including revolutionary internal magnetic bead roller -  the most advanced technology available on the market - with a focus on safety, performance, quality and the smoothest tube handling.

Magneto, bead roller

This unique solution is designed for TIG and laser welding applications and is based on a patented permanent magnet housing, which gives the best possible rod retention and control, guaranteeing a spatially uniform magnetism on the internal tool.

Magneto uses a servo-controlled carriage and pressure roll in place of traditional hydraulic cylinders, to deliver precise process control, a smooth rolling process and very low rolled material roughness.

Low maintenance, energy efficient and with the capability to meet high productivity targets, the magnetic bed roller is also flexible, being suitable for both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. 

Brushing Machines

Our brushing machines are engineered to offer finely controlled adjustments of the brush position during operation, as well as high precision polishing of tubes and bars. These brushing machines are made especially for in-line welded tubes or offline polishing floors.

External Scarfers 

We produce a range of abrasive belt and wheel outer scarfers for welded stainless steel tubes. Our scarfers implement a technology to separate the white and black chambers to guarantee easy & cost-effective maintenance and minimize cost of spare parts.

Heavy duty edge conditioner

This equipment is designed for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and is used to condition or “skive” the edges of the strip to remove imperfections that create welding defects in the tube. This is accomplished with a series of high-speed steel, triangular tools mounted on compound angles. Features include powered vertical tool stroking for long tool life, quick change tooling cartridges, and additional angle mounting for precision, low D/T ratio tubes.