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Raise the bar

Automation solutions optimize your grinding machines for safer, more reliable, and more productive manufacturing. Our experienced technicians ensure your machine automation seamlessly integrates with any existing process- or site-wide infrastructure.

Improve your productivity with automation

We combine an unparalleled understanding of precision grinding with cutting-edge experience in industrial automation to offer customized solutions. Every package is tailored to the specific needs of the machine, application and process. The result is automation that delivers optimal benefits, every time.


Besly - Bryant - Cincinnati - Daisho - Gardner - Giustina - Gold Crown

Landis - Norton - Pratt & Whitney - Warner Swasey

Enhance output with faster part exchange times

Our range of automation solutions exists to increase your productivity – and in doing so, your profitability. From gantry loaders and robotic loading systems, to integration with external parts handling, we optimize process flow. As a result, non-machining time is reduced to a minimum and output is increased. Ultimately, this allows you to reduce lead times and increase production output quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Automated productivity enhancements

Our grinder automation upgrades allow you to benefit from the latest in automated productivity gains on your existing machines.

  • Deliver process excellence with lowest-possible cycle times
  • Improve worker safety by eliminating manual parts handling tasks
  • Ensure customer satisfaction with fast and reliable lead times
  • Boost financial performance with lower costs-per-piece
  • Maximize production capacity without expensive investment in new machines
  • Create the foundation for further business growth