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Precision location tool

The MicroLocate innovation enables simple and efficient finish grinding of new and remanufactured large crankshafts up to 14m, with a precision location tool that allows uniform stock removal. With improved location accuracy, you can save money and improve efficiencies in your finish grinding operation. Patent Pending

Remanufacturing components saves time & money

Utilizing the MicroLocate innovation, you can minimize the amount of case depth necessary for finish grinding. Therefore, the amount of hardening time is drastically reduced (days/crank).

Cranks and cams are worth many thousands of dollars. In re-manufacture operations, an accurate finish grind enables the parts to be refinished to ‘under size’ or re-ground after plating or welding, and then put back into operation. Which saves you valuable time and money.

Benefits for new parts:

  • Less nitride furnace time is required (days/crank)
  • Total cycle time is reduced up to 50%
  • Reduced energy consumption for furnaces
  • Less ammonia gas required
  • Ability to grind, rather than polish
  • Automated process instead of manual

Benefits for remanufactured parts:

  • Manual process eliminated (hours/crank)
  • Faster, more accurate cycles (hours/crank)
  • An automated process makes regrinding economical for smaller parts

Benefits for both:

  • Enables an automatic and enclosed machine process
  • Safe for operator
  • Less operator skill needed


  • Less energy is used in the Nitride hardening process because the oven time is reduced by hours
  • Machine cycles are shorter


  • Hardening chemical requirements are reduced
  • Parts can be salvaged that might otherwise be scrapped


  • Manual polishing, a difficult process, is replaced with automatic grinding
  • Operator exposure to physical risk and coolants is reduced

Interested in learning more?

Contact our team to learn how this innovative tool can provide improved location accuracy on the finish grind of new or remanufactured crankshafts - saving you valuable time and money.