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Imagine if you could anticipate precisely every element of how your strip moves through the line. With OptiLine™, you can simulate every aspect of your strip processing line to ensure you design for optimum efficiency and reduced CAPEX.

What do you get with OptiLinE?

  • Fully animated 2D or 3D modeling
  • Real-time complete line simulation
  • Calculation information reports
  • Easy definition of driver pre-sets
  • Thorough and exhaustive analysis
  • Line behavior prediction
  • Detect potential malfunctions
  • Line tension optimization
  • Roll slippage and strip marks avoidance
  • Targeted recommendations

Enhanced performance

With OptiLine™, performance is smoother, strip quality is improved, and risks are minimized. This advanced simulation tool enables you to:

  • Plan better for new grades or strip sizes
  • Minimize equipment modifications for upgrade projects
  • Calculate the requested characteristics of each motor in the line
  • Guarantee the required line tension during operation 
  • Simulate coil transition in real time

Suitable for both Fives’ installations and those from other suppliers.

Strip processing simulation for success 

OptiLine™ uses animated 2D and 3D modeling software to simulate and predict coil and strip processing line behavior. It also helps you anticipate the line behavior during the development of new steel grades.

More effective, lower cost maintenance

When your strip processing line is designed for optimum performance, wear and maintenance is decreased, giving you greater reliability and lower operating costs. Plus, with the data you have from OptiLine™ you can calculate the ‘performance gap’ between simulated and real line behavior and take measures for improvements.