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Precise, fast & reliable

Our complete range of automatic strip joiners ensure precise, fast and reliable joining of steel strips of 30 mm - 2,400 mm width and 0.4 mm - 28 mm thickness with completely remoted controls.

Any process strip joiners

We design strip joiners for every process need and, in each case, the cycle can be suspended whenever necessary to carry out any required adjustment. One, two and four torch applications are all available, as well as MIG, MIG TWIN, TIG, Plasma and Hybrid Laser welding technologies.

We also provide all the necessary information on the most suitable welding technologies.

Fully automatic

The automatic strip joiners include control of strip end position, strip head feeding into the clamps, trimming of strip ends, automatic welding cycle, bead milling and annealing. Remote control with a video camera system significantly increases safety and reduces preparation time.


Simple, user friendly semi-automatic strip joiner solutions, a very good compromise between practicality and manual systems. In semi-automatic mode, the strip joiner can automatically stop at each phase and requires operator confirmation to resume the cycle.


Designed for small and medium strip widths, these transversal automatic strip joiners use efficient translating shear and welding equipment. As a result, they stand out for the very limited amount of scrap produced, delivering high efficiency thanks to their double shear configuration.


Designed for medium and large strip widths, this model features a compact structure. The shifting shear and welder units guarantee a precise shearing and welding of the strip edges. Thanks to the automatic strip alignment and automatic clearance adjustment, absolute repeatability is easily achieved.