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Faster, thinner,

With annealing process speeds up to 800 m/min and entry/exit speeds up to 1,000 m/min, the tinplate annealing line (CAL) delivers continuous & stable operation for high yield. Capacities up to 500,000 tonnes are possible for the treatment of thin packaging steels down to 0.12 mm.

Advanced technologies

deliver new grades

Stable operating conditions are critical for achieving the high yields required of your tinplate steel production lines.

Key technologies:
•    Stein Digiflex® annealing furnace with heating, cooling & steering features
•    Optimized roll profile through off-line and on-line thermo-mechanical models 
•    OptiLine™ software for simulating every aspect of your strip processing line
•    FlashCooling®, specific blowing to produce high-ductile tin-plate grades
•    Virtuo™ Level 2 solution, including heat and cool buckling prevention control
•    Two Skin-pass quarto rolling mills working in tandem


Line speed

1,000 m/min

Strip thickness

<0.12 mm

Rapid cooling

up to 75%H2 - 300°C/s 

Ultra-rapid cooling

FlashCooling® technology

Our FlashCooling® technology with high H2 secures good strip flatness and high cooling rates for the tinplate steel production line, achieving 300˚C/sec from the highest annealing temperature. This enables you to produce the new generation of high-ductile tin-plate grades the market is increasingly interested in, such as thinner cylindrical bottoms for easy-opening cans.

Meanwhile, our Virtuo™ Level 2 solution controls the roll’s thermal crown and the heating pattern through the furnace, ensuring good uniformity for optimum product quality.

 Case study: Tinplate CAL 

BAOWU in China chose Stein Digiflex® furnaces for the tinplate lines at the Yichang and Meishan plants. These are among the fastest continuous tinplate annealing lines in the world, operating at up to 800 m/min process speed. Both furnaces have a length of 140 m, designed to process more than 2.4 km of strip inside the furnace. 

Yichang plant

Meishan plant

Line capacity: 425,000 t/y 420,000 t/y
Max strip width: 1,050 mm 1,080 mm
Strip thickness: 0.15 to 0.5 mm    0.18 to 0.55 mm


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