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SmartLine at Marcegaglia, delivering outstanding results

SmartLine, an automatic strip processing line control based on predictive modeling, has been delivering outstanding results on four galvanizing lines of Marcegaglia plant in Ravenna.

SmartLine at Marcegaglia, delivering real results

SmartLine is a digital solution based on predictive models and process knowledge to optimize the operations of process sections of the strip processing line in automatic mode. It processes incoming coil data, predicts setpoints for targeted properties and adjusts process parameters for each coil. SmartLine enables each coil to be produced as first choice from head to tail. Watch yourself on YouTube.

Win-win solution
SmartLine was developed by Fives and implemented together with Marcegaglia, a leading carbon and stainless steel producer, at its plant in Ravenna, Italy. Due to a wide upstream diversity and an increased demand for high value-added steel grades, Marcegaglia was looking for a smart solution to ensure the best quality yield and productivity.

“With the SmartLine we obtained a reduction of the cost of production of the OPEX, in particular of the gas consumption by 10%, we increased the productivity of 5% and obtained a very high stability of the process,” says Aldo Fiorini, Plant Manager of Marcegaglia Ravenna and COO of Carbon Steel Flat at Marcegaglia.

“It is a unique solution that was implemented together with Marcegaglia Ravenna. It was a good evolution for operators to have a tool to produce better, faster and with higher quality. In this project, we were all together,” adds Jean-Paul Nauzin, Innovation & Technology Director, Steel & Glass at Fives.

Over the last years, SmartLine received several industrial recognitions: Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence and Solar Impulse Efficient Solution proving its potential for steelmakers worldwide.