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Pitch Fume Treatment System

World leader in pitch fume TREATMENT at Green Anode Plant 

More than 70 existing Green Anode Plants are treated with the Fives’ PFTS, making our company the worldwide leader with more than 90% of the world market outside China. This unequalled number of references allows aluminium producers to have full confidence in our solutions.

Outstanding emission level

Our latest generation of PFTS combines the best advantages of the different technologies available on the market to comply with strictest environmental standards:

  • Dust < 5 mg/Nm3
  • Tars < 2 mg/Nm3
  • PAH < 1 mg/Nm3

They include a pitch fume special designed duct network upstream fume filtration or incineration. This design prevents any condensation risk or dust clogging.

Eolios maximizes pollutant removal performance

Through the combination of a conventional coke dry scrubber and a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), Fives’ Eolios solution ensures a high global efficiency on both heavy and light PAHs.


  • Optimum capture/destruction efficiency of coal tar pitch volatiles   
  • Low operating costs compared to other technologies relying on RTO only   
  • High reliability on the complete equipment   
  • Reduced maintenance cost    
  • Very low CO2 emissions compared to an ALL-RTO solution 

Reliable and proven dry scrubbing

This process, derived from the conventional aluminium dry-scrubbers, is using the coke fines as the main ingredient in the paste to clean the gases prior their discharge to the environment.
This is a low maintenance system and the PAH capture efficiency is ≥ 98% at 25°C.

Pollutants are captured from each equipment source of emissions through a special designed ducting system and treated by the famous reliable and robust Sonair type filter prior to be rejected into atmosphere. No waste is generated: coke fines used as scrubbing material are recycled into the anode paste production and Pitch vapours are recovered and reintroduced in the anode recipe.

Efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is a very good answer to treat the light PAH formation produced by the modern intensive paste coolers.

The equipment oxidizes and converts pollutants into CO2 and H2O. Thanks to the regenerative technology, the consumption of additional energy is very low.
It consists in regenerator beds installed beside each other, one combustion chamber with burner and the air ducting system with dampers.