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ECL SMARTCrane is a customized solution developed by Fives and based on its OEM expertise to fully optimize the performance of aluminium smelters. This digital solution for special cranes enables to monitor and report crane fleet in real time.

Through remote data visualization and responsive dashboards, ECL SMARTCrane helps you to anticipate maintenance needs and minimize the risk of costly breakdowns. The system also provides key performance indicators and cycle measurements for operations, and data based insights for process teams to make the link between external events and process.

ECL SMARTCrane’s key features include:

  • Real-time machine health data and analysis
  • Automated condition-based maintenance alarms
  • Customizable dashboards & automated report


Learn more about the challenges, implementation and benefits of ECL SMARTCrane at the Trimet St Jean de Maurienne plant in France.


Facilitate maintenance and boost production

View the complete structure of your machine and gain a wealth of information at every process stage.
ECL SMARTCrane’s utilization report offers crane efficiency data by hour, shift, day, week or month.

This easily accessible and complete picture of your equipment helps uncover trends and opportunities for improvement. 
Users can view and export real-time crane data and charts to help diagnose and resolve problems. Alerts and notifications help crane technicians perform required actions, and incidents can easily be reported by maintenance personnel within a workflow.

Receive insights to optimize performance

ECL SMARTCrane provides equipment data analysis through machine algorithms, custom-designed dashboards and edge computing. The system has a range of benefits for both operations and process teams from both reduction and carbon sectors.


•    Automated delivery of operating sequence reports
•    Ensuring proper procedures are followed, for example for health and safety issues 
•    Insights on priorities, load rates, and quality of operations
•    Reducing the environmental impact


•    Ensuring compliance with operating modes
•    Discovering the root cause of process abnormalities
•    Linking external events to internal processes in order to find solutions to boost performance
•    High-frequency data delivery
•    Automatic reporting

Avoid costly shutdowns

Our ECL SMARTCrane dashboards and reports are designed to improve and optimize your results in terms of availability, performance, operation, and processes. 

They include:

  • Real-time and historical equipment data
  • Monthly statistical reports on equipment KPIs 
  • Recommendations on settings and operation

Dashboards are fully customizable to customer needs. Data can be shared with Fives to enable remote troubleshooting and assistance, and periodical meetings may be arranged to discuss performance and recommendations