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Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal


Fives’ Liquid Pitch Marine Terminal (LPMT) is an optimal turnkey solution for the liquid pitch supply chain. The robust and high-capacity solution covers the daily liquid pitch consumption of the Green Anode Plant (GAP).
LPMTs are comprehensive installations that cover liquid pitch ship discharge, liquid pitch storage, liquid pitch loading onto trucks and pollutant removal. Our solutions fulfil flexibility, availability and safety requirements, while complying with health and environmental standards.

An optimised liquid pitch ship discharge

Fives' design fulfils different customer needs and is compatible with any ship discharge location or discharge frequency. We have successfully delivered solutions for discharge flow rates of up to 500 m3/h (294.29 ft³/min).

Our system guarantees safe and quick operations between the ship and the LPMT, with secure and automatic procedures. 

The proposed solutions for the unloading of the ship are customized according to the jetty, the configuration of the ship and the mobile unloading arm. Our installation remains continuously ready for the next ship’s arrival, offering maximum performance and sustainable operations.

High capacity liquid pitch storage

LPMTs have a storage capacity according to the plant’s daily liquid pitch consumption. We have manufactured units of up to 12,000 metric tons per storage tank.

Liquid pitch quality is enhanced through the control of:

  • Temperature: the LPMT’s heat transfer medium system is designed to prevent loss of liquid pitch temperature and ensure homogenization,
  • Nitrogen blanketing: the liquid pitch is protected from air contact, and the inside of storage tanks are pressure regulated,
  • Leakage: the installation includes a control and prevention system.

Efficient road tank loading

The liquid pitch is loaded from the port tanks into road tankers for daily paste plant consumption, operating 24/7.

  • Optimised control: a truck weighbridge and tag identification ensure reliable, automatic production follow-up and reporting. Loading is optimised through time and volume
  • High safety: a load sequence is set to avoid any risk to operators, with added support thanks to instrumentation and safeguards
  • Security: an automatic entrance barrier and traffic light system ensure secure operations
  • Sustainability: pollutant removal through a venting system prevents any emissions into the atmosphere

Lineos for complete VOC destruction

Lineos is a comprehensive solution for pollutant removal and emission control combining a Recuperative Catalytic Oxider (RCO) with a condenser.

It covers all operations and sources of fume emissions, from ship unloading to road tanker loading. The condensor is first reducing the VOC concentration during the ship unloading; consequently the fume concentration at condensor outlet is lower and can be treated by a small RCO. Then the residual pitch vapours are heated up, before being burnt in a catalytic reactor, which converts pollutants into CO2 and H2O. Our system responds to the latest environmental regulations and has been widely adopted as a sustainable, secure and safe solution. Optimizing energy consumption, capturing pollutants and preventing clogging of pipes is at the heart of our efforts.