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Versatile and customizable, the Lund SLALOM is a multi-tape laying machine that can be fully customized to meet your needs. Suitable for a range of part types and contours, this machine offers precision, repeatability and speed.

The most customizable multi-lane tape laying machine on the market

The Lund SLALOM multi-lane tape laying machine delivers highly repeatable precision composite manufacturing at triple the rate of conventional tape-laying machines.

The machine lays 1 to 27 lanes of 1.5 in tape, depending on part configuration and contour. Each lane achieves up to 3 ̊ off-axis tape lamination, making it easier to accommodate high-contoured parts. Every axis is configurable to your application. Whether you want a horizontal or vertical gantry, or a robotized cell, we can engineer a solution that works for you. And with lay speeds up to 5 m/s, it’s not only highly flexible but also highly productive.

Specialized features of the Lund SLALOM

  • Adjustable lane spread for custom and optimized lane lap/gap configuration for individual courses, true dial-a-gap for every gap.
  • Lane swappable supply and compaction/cutter model for 100% offline material reload and tape path maintenance (5 second exchange per lane).
  • Head swappable for applications that require multiple end effector (fiber, wide tape, milling, ultrasonic cutting).
  • Configurable with end placement and edge-of-ply automated overhead inspection.
  • Automated in-process lap/gap inspection included with Overhead Laser Template (OLT) defect projection.
  • High-speed stiffness optimized head manipulators for every type of part configuration.