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Control systems

As composite manufacturing processes become increasingly automated, it is important to simplify your digital architecture. All our equipment can be integrated with your preferred control system, so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple PLCs. Siemens, Allen Bradley and B&R are all supported, and we also offer our own control system: Cincinnati CM100 Control.

Compatible with key control systems

Our technologies make the most of advanced automation and control systems to bring you optimum efficiency and performance.

Best of all, you’re not limited on which control systems you can use to do this. So, if you have a preference for Siemens, Allen Bradley or B&R PLCs, we can support that in the design of your equipment.

This makes your life easier in a couple of ways. First, it allows you to use a control system with which your operators are already familiar. But it also simplifies integration of your new equipment into your complete line.

Cincinnati CM100 Control

The CM100 computer control is our legacy control system and is the only control designed specifically for automated composite manufacturing.

This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use control features numerous process specific features. It is powered by industrial grade processors and digital servo drives to deliver fast, smooth and accurate machine motion.

CM100 provides coordinated motion of all machine and head axes and controls all dispensing functions to accurately place the composite material onto the lay-up surface with programmable tension and pressure control. The CM100 and its advanced diagnostics executes part programs without requiring a separate PC to serve as a front-end processor. What’s more, it complies with all applicable industry standards, including CE Mark requirements.

As well as new installations, CM100 is also available for retrofits and updates are supported.